Dream, Believe and Fight!

FlokiSanta was created to make history at Christmas! Can we change our lives before we enter the new year? Yes, so dream, believe and fight with FlokiSanta!

As you know, on December 25, 2021, ElonMusk shared a photo of his dog in a Santa costume with the caption “Floki Santa”. However, some projects have created their own millionaires, it’s our turn!

We went up 38.5x on our try last year! This year, Floki Santa will build the SantaVERSE universe and the FlokiSanta app into a long-term ecosystem.

ElonMusk's love of Christmas and Floki

ElonMusk has been using social media for 15 years and celebrated Christmas every year. His dog “Floki” joined his family in the summer of 2021 and Elon is in love with Floki. While regularly posting Floki posts, so far Floki has been the Santa costume for Christmas and the TwitterCEO!

We believe that this year, ElonMusk will share “Floki Santa” and we will create our own millionaires. Drem, believe and fight!


Create, Play, Personalise, Earn in FlokiSantaVERSE

We believe NFTs will change everything when it comes to gaming, FlokiSantaVERSE will be built on a game and lotto system to make FlokiSanta a long term project.

FlokiSantaVERSE NFT's

Each player will create their own identity with specific characteristics, skills and attributes. These chosen skills will allow you to browse the FlokiSanta in-game world to complete different daily tasks for fun&rewards!


FlokiSanta TOKEN

Total Initial Supply: 1,000,000,000,000 FLOKIS
%95 of Total Supply added to PancakeSwap Liquidity
%5 of Total Supply reserved for Exchange Listings

Transaction Fee

No Taxes, No Bullshit. Itā€™s that simple. Use slippage %0.1-0.5 for bot protection.

Ownership Renounced

FlokiSanta ownership has been transferred to the dead wallet and is completely gifted to the community.


Majority of initial LP tokens locked until 2025.

We went up 38.5x on our try last year! This year, Floki Santa will build the SantaVERSE universe and the FlokiSanta app into a long-term ecosystem.

FlokiSanta BSC(BEP20) Contract Address



We have prepared a realistic and accessible RoadMap step by step. The primary goal is to create a successful launch phase and a strong community, and to be listed on major exchanges as quickly as possible.Ā 






Creator of FlokiSanta

YuSano, who has been actively working as Talent Acquisition Amazon, took active roles in projects such as AxieInfinity and Pokemon Trading Card Game.
He has been playing an active role in the crypto world, especially in the GameFi field for a long time. He regularly attends audio conferences on Twitter Space.
Whalenation, who also shared candidly with MayeMusk, increased his popularity. Now he created FlokiSanta with all his talents.

Technology & Finance Director

Shinji works as an advertising director at Mothership Strategies. He is known as Pythagoras in the crypto universe. He has played an active role in projects such as SAFEMOON, EverRise, FEG on the BinanceSmartChain network. He has close relationships with global gaming companies and stock markets. He said in his last interview that he will use all his experience and energy to maximize FlokiSanta.

Community & Market Maker

AltCryptoBSC has been in the crypto market for a long time. He especially played an active role in making STEPN a big hit in the Asian market. He influenced large masses with his publications on social platforms. In addition, he has been accepted to the Binance training team with his regular conferences around the world, and he continues this duty actively. He joined the team at Whalenation's special request. This is one of the biggest deals ever made for FlokiSanta to reach SHIBA levels.